Written In Stone series

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to enjoy 4K streaming?

Beginning on February 19, 2021, Written In Stone: Jesus of Nazareth, and Written In Stone: House of David will be available in 4K

Here are the steps you need to get through to be able to stream 4K on CBN Family.

  • You’ll need a compatible device if you’re not streaming through a 4K television.
  • You’ll need a 4K TV – most newer TV’s have this nowadays.
  • You’ll need a decent internet connection – preferably above 16mbps

Who directed Written In Stone?

The four-part Written In Stone series was scripted and directed by Erin Zimmerman of CBN Films. Erin’s films have received 4 Emmy nominations: To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World (2018, 2 nominations); In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem (2017); The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel (2015, 1 nomination); Made in Israel (2013, 1 nomination).


What is the reason for creating the film series Written In Stone?

Executive producer Gordon Robertson’s purpose for creating this series was to use archaeology to prove that we can trust the Bible as an accurate historical source. The Written in Stone series will take viewers from King David in 1000 BC to the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. In addition to providing visual, archaeological evidence of biblical stories, the series will take viewers on a visually beautiful journey of the land of the Bible, at a time when they can’t travel there in person because of COVID-19.

Written in Stone was filmed in archaeological sites in Israel and Jordan, and shows artifacts from the British Museum in London and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

How can I install the CBN Family App ?

Visit the CBN Family App website which features information and links to help you install the app on your device. https://www.cbn.com/cbnfamily/app.aspx

In order to watch Written in Stone in the CBN Family App, you will need to first activate your streaming code. This access is sent to you by email when you order Written In Stone over the phone or online.

Once it has been activated and your myCBN account has been created, you can then use your myCBN account email and password to log into CBN Family App.

How can I activate free streaming access after completing a donation for the DVD?

Once you complete your DVD request online or by phone, you will receive an email with a link to activate streaming access.

If you are already logged into your free MyCBN account, you will be linked directly to the film. If you haven’t created a MyCBN account, it’s easy to do—and free.

Create a myCBN account allows you to view Written In Stone, as well as numerous other videos from the library. You just need your email and a password. And you can use your MyCBN account to access additional free content in the future.

Can I just get streaming and not the DVD?

We are not currently offering a streaming only service. For your gift of any dollar amount you’ll receive a copy of the DVD and instant streaming access through the CBN Family App.

What locations were featured in Written In Stone: Jesus of Nazareth?

CBN Films has made available a free downloadable PDF resource featuring links to the various locations that were featured in the documentary. You can access the PDF by clicking here.

How long is Written In Stone: Jesus of Nazareth?

The runtime for Written In Stone: Jesus of Nazareth is 1 HR 22 Minutes