Written In Stone series

For thousands of years, the prophets and kings of Israel led God’s people. Scripture tells their story, and now, fascinating new discoveries about people and places detailed in the Bible are being unearthed-affirming the scriptural truth.

Join CBN’s Gordon Robertson on a journey to the Holy Land and ancient Persia to see how stunning archaeological discoveries are revealing clear evidence about the lives of Israel’s most-renowned leaders.

You’ll witness modern-day science that affirms the Bible including:

  • Breath-taking evidence for a bloody battle mentioned in three different books of the Bible
  • “Do Not Open!”- a stone inscription warning intruders against removing the bones of a king of Judah from his burial place
  • How an artifact called “the first bill of human rights” was discovered (a copy is displayed at the United Nations headquarters)
  • And so much more!

Leading archaeologists, historians, and cultural experts agree—the biblical account of Israel’s most renown Kings and Prophets is true!